After sitting on the shelve for years, I finally took the time to hook up my Amiga 2000. Unfortunately all I got was a black screen.


Amiga 2000 rev. 6.1


Removing the case-cover revealed the ugly truth. A leaked battery. So here's a piece of good advice: If you own an Amiga, remember to check all capacitors and the battery on a regular basis. The damage was too extensive so a repair was out of the question.

Amiga 2000 leaked battery


I got a special offer for a used Amiga 1200 without case but including hard drive, Blizzard IV accelerator card with FPU and 32MB ram and lots of other stuff. Since I had a hard time throwing away the good old Amiga 2000, I got the idea to reuse the Amiga case at least.

Amiga 1200


First off, I created some spacers from aluminum.

Aluminum spacers


The spacers looked somewhat dull. Nothing that can't be fixed with some black paint.

Black spacers


The original Amiga 1200 PSU's are somewhat underpowered and prone to die early if you want to go all in with additional hardware. I fitted a left over Corsair CX430 ATX PSU. It's quite, cheap and more than adequate. I modified the back of the case to fit the ATX PSU.

Modified Amiga 2000 case for ATX PSU


I also modified the drive bay with a handle from a drawer, so it can support the weight of the PSU and painted it black.

Amiga drive bay supporting ATX PSU


Since I had the can in my hand, I also painted the whole inside of the case.

Amiga painted inside


That's how you connect an ATX PSU to an Amiga. There are various guides on the web on how to do it.

ATX PSU to Amiga


Normally the accelerator card rests on top of the expansion slot trapdoor at the bottom of the original Amiga 1200 case. Because the Amiga 2000 case is made from metal, I made an acrylic spacer to avoid shorting the hardware.

Amiga expansion card spacer


Extended the audio connectors to the back of the case, with an option to connect a jackstick later on.

Amiga external audio connectors


Originally, you could connect a keyboard, a joystick or mouse and an additional joystick to the front of the Amiga 2000. I modified the front so you can connect the original Amiga 2000 keyboard, one mouse and four joysticks at the same time. No need to unplug the mouse to play two player with two joysticks. The last two joysticks are for player three and 4. Everything is then extended to the back of the Amiga 1200's motherboard connectors. Additionally there now is a power switch.

Modified Amiga front


Modified Amiga front


And that's it. Finally! The Amiga can get back on the shelve again ;-)

Finished Amiga 2000/1200